About Us

Cassandra Kuzneski, raised in a small town in Pennsylvania used her creativity and ingenuity to create Cassea Swim at age 18. 'Cas' referring to her commonly used nickname combined with the 'sea'. The heart of the planet. Pronounced as 'Kahs-see'.
Quality fabrics, nostalgic prints, and advanced construction details make our swimwear stand out. Giving extensive fit testing and quality control ensures comfort and fashion for all women. Our goal is to obtain an  effortless blend of style and substance, all while maintaining an obsessive focus on fit. 
You can follow us on Instagram @casseaswim to see new collections, upcoming sales events, and our ongoing mood board.
We are a luxury swimwear label handmade in Colombia. Flattering cuts, unique colors and designs. 
We are proud to produce high quality, timeless swimwear that can be easily worn multiple ways. See our style catalogue for more.